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Bear Cat CH800H

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9-inch Skid Steer Chipper


Add a Crary Bear Cat skid steer Chipper to your shed and watch your to-do list shrink. Easy-to-attach plates make these skid steer Chippers adaptable to your power source.

The Crary® Bear Cat® CH800H Chipper is driven by the hydraulic system of the skid or track steer loader it’s mounted to. The CH800H requires 25-38 gpm flow to drive the hydraulic feed roller and chipping rotor. At 38 gpm flow, the 275 lb. rotor turns at 2,500 rpm.

The CH800H Chipper features two, universal attachment plate positions so the user can feed the Chipper from the side or front, depending on what the operator needs or the situation dictates. The 360 degree rotating discharge tube with deflector cap allows placement of chips where ever they need to go.

Battery sold separately. See Battery Usage Chart for details.


Sale Type
Bear Cat
Power Source
Skid Steer 25-38 GPM
74″ x 60″ x 94″
Chute Throat
9″ x 9″
Rotor Size/Weight
30″ x 1.25″ / 275 lbs., rotates at: 1,600 RPM at 25 GPM, 2,500 RPM at 38 GPM
Chipper Chute Opening
31″ x 31″
Max Chipping Capacity
9″ Max capacity and infeed opening
1,525 lbs.
Feed System
Chipping Blades
4 Reversible Heat-treated

How difficult is it to perform maintenance on the machine?

Crary® Bear Cat® products are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Proper maintenance is vital and should be performed routinely with blades, belts and bearings being most important.

How long will the chipper blades last?

Depending on the type of wood, age and cleanliness, chipper blades will work well for between 5-15 hours. Dry, dirty wood will dull the blades faster. Alternate dry and wet material to extend blade life. Hydraulic feed machines will have longer blade life.

What are these Skid Steer Chippers designed for?

The Crary® Bear Cat® Chipper is designed to effectively eliminate wood, brush, and other organic material while using your skid steer as the power unit.

What is the capacity and hydraulic flow requirements of the Skid Steer Chipper?

The CH450H has a maximum capacity of 4.5″and requires at least 11 to 15 gpm on a mini skid steer. The CH500H has a maximum capacity of 5″and requires at least 15 to 22 gpm on a low-flow skid steer. The CH800H has a maximum capacity of 9” and requires at least 25 to 38 gpm on a hi-flow skid steer.

Will the Chipper fit my skid steer?

The Crary® Bear Cat® CH500H and CH800H skid steer chippers are equipped with universal attachment ends, capable of hooking up to most skid steers. The CH450H is designed to mount to mini skid steers.

California Consumers: What is California Proposition 65?

California’s Proposition 65 entitles California consumers to be made aware of products containing certain chemicals above designated threshold levels, enabling them to make informed decisions prior to purchase. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For additional information visit




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