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2022 Honda Talon

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High-performance engine

The Talon boasts a 999 cc, quick revving, naturally-aspirated, parrallel twin engine which builds off years of experience with the Pioneer 1000 and the Africa Twin. From the shared 999 cc base platform, the Talons engine has been updated, refined and tuned to provide increased performance while maintaining Honda engine durability; essentially purpose-built for the Talon 1000X.
Sale Type
Engine Size
999 cc
Front: 28 x 9 – 15 Rear: 28 x 11 - 15
Front: Dual 250 mm Rear: Dual 250 mm EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution)
2,226 mm (87.6 in.)
Curb Weight
680 kg (1,499 lb.)
Engine Type
Liquid-cooled longitudinally mounted naturally-aspirated parallel-twin cylinder
Final Drive
Front /Rear Shaft
Valve Train
Unicam, OHC, 4 valves
Six-speed automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) with high/low subtransmission. Two drive modes with 2WD and i-4WD. Three shift modes (standard, sport, manual w/ paddle shifters).
Bore & Stroke
92 mm x 75.1 mm
Fuel Delivery
PGM-FI electronic fuel injection with 46 mm throttle body
Fuel Capacity
27.5 litres (4.3 litre reserve)
Cargo Capacity
136 kg (300 lb.)
Rear Suspension
3-Link trailing arm with Fox Podium 2.0 QS3 (Quick Switch – 3 position) hydraulic shocks and sway bar; 384 mm (15.1 in.) travel
Front Suspension
Independent double A-arms with Fox Podium 2.0 QS3 (Quick Switch – 3 position) hydraulic shocks; 370 mm (14.6 in.) travel
Ground Clearance
323 mm (12.7 in.)
Compression Ratio
engine and drivetrain

High-performance engine

The Talon boasts a 999 cc, quick revving, naturally-aspirated, parrallel twin engine which builds off years of experience with the Pioneer 1000 and the Africa Twin. From the shared 999 cc base platform, the Talons engine has been updated, refined and tuned to provide increased performance while maintaining Honda engine durability; essentially purpose-built for the Talon 1000X.

Unicam head design

Engineers have adopted the Unicam head design with its low-friction roller rocker arms from the CRF motocross bikes, and have tuned the exhaust to create a sound like no other – especially when it’s at full throttle.

Smart transmission

Connected to the 999 cc engine is a six-speed Dual-Clutch Transmission. The transmission’s computer uses throttle position, RPM, and brake input, to establish driving style. For instance if you are an "aggressive driver" the character will be adjusted to be more exciting by allowing the engine to rev higher as it moves through the gears.

Quick shift

The Dual Clutch Transmission offers quick and seamless shifts between gears. Don't like the gear selected in Automatic mode? Paddle shifters allow you to override the selected gear at any point and then seamlessly drop back into Automatic mode. Want more control? Switch into Manual mode and use the paddle shifters to fly through the gears.

High and Low range sub transmission

Talon is the industry’s first sport side-by-side to offer a gear-driven transmission with a high and low-range. For challenging terrain, drivers can choose between two traction settings. The Low Range Mode reduces the transmission’s gear ratio through a sub-transmission like a four-wheel drive truck. The transmission still shifts through all six gears, giving maximum engine torque and braking for hills and technical terrain.

Intelligent 4WD (I-4WD)

The Talon 1000X includes a suite of stability assist features designed to make your ride safer, easier and more fun. Using technology developed for cars and trucks, this includes Brake Traction Control System (BTCS) and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD). When I-4WD is engaged using the dashboard-mounted switch, BTCS applies additional drive to the tire with more grip, providing better traction. EBD automatically optimizes front and rear braking power to the conditions, making slowing down or coming to a stop more efficient and stable.

Hill start assist (HSA)

Getting going when you’re stopped on a hill can be a bit of an adventure. That’s why the Talon 1000X comes standard with Hill Start Assist (HSA). Activated with a dashmounted switch, HSA automatically maintains sufficient brake pressure so you can move your foot to the gas pedal and you’re under way. No more need to two-foot it or heel-and-toe shifting when conquering steep hills - meaning no rollback.

chassis / suspension

Premium suspension

Independent front and rear suspension systems—double A-arm in the front, three-link trailing arm in the back—feature Fox Podium 2.0 QS3 (Quick Switch - 3 position) shocks with velocity-sensitive damping and remote reservoirs for superior control and heat dissipation during hard riding. Unlike many other adjustable suspensions, which require counting dozens of clicks on each damper, Talon X's premium FOX QS3 system (specially designed for the Talon 1000X chassis), is as simple as adjusting the dial to one of the three settings that cover a broad range of terrain. Comfortable cruising... General sport ... Aggressive.

Easy steering

Honda’s automotive-style Electric Power Steering lessens steering effort and helps eliminate bump steer, especially over rocks, logs and on sidehills. This speed and input force-sensing power steering system is tuned specifically for sport usage.

Durable frame

To ensure exceptional rigidity, the Talon's square-tube frame is built as one piece that is designed to perform and is incredibly durable. The frames undergo a two-step process to maximize their durability. First, they are fully dipped in an electrostatic application process for full coverage inside and out. Next the frames are powder coated. This two-step process is designed to prevent corrosion and chipping.

Standard one-piece hard roof

The one-piece roof section (with injection-moulded top) is designed with a built-in water gutter system that channels water away from the cabin to help keep the riders dry. Also, the roof air vents are designed so the Talon 1000X can be transported facing forwards or backwards on an open trailer.
additional features

Sport seating

The Talon 1000X offers the comfort, safety and support of deep bucket seats. These large and roomy seats are made of soft, thick foam that allows for comfortable all-day adventures. With their aggressive bolstering, the seats really keep the riders in place with the seat belts featuring an over the shoulder fit to confidently secure the driver and passenger while maintaining comfort. They also feature pass-throughs to allow for the use of a 4-point harness system.

Perfect position

The drivers seat features a robust automotive grade adjuster, allowing the driver to be in the perfect driving position – The Honda Talon's interior design and ergonomics set it apart from the competition. It is specifically focused on providing both driver and passenger with the ultimate in confidence, comfort and convenience.

Adjustable steering

The Honda Talon 1000X also offers a variety of ergonomic features to ensure comfort for all riders. The steering column is equipped with a broad tilt range for comfortable arm positioning. It also tilts far forward for easy entry and exit.

Standard hard doors

Hard doors with window netting specifically designed for sport driving, which can be eaily raised or lowered with just one-handed operation.

Secure passenger design

The convenient grab handle helps passengers feel more secure while enjoying the ride. The handle also features a “quick adjust” mechanism, which allows you to lock it into virtually any position with an unique cam-lock system, meaning that there’s no play… so no rattle, or vibration. Also the passenger floor has a raised area on each side to provide secure footing.

Optimum visibility

Super-bright headlights with a Low and High beam provide excellent lighting performance for maximum visibility at night.

Convenient storage

Got stuff to carry? The Talon’s rear cargo area is large enough to secure a full-size cooler and other traveling accessories. In fact, it can hold up to 136 kg (300 lb).

Easy add-ons

Make the Talon 1000X your own with a host of accessories including various roofs, cabs, covers, winches, body protection, lighting, storage, and cargo options. All of these accessories were specifically designed to "Enhance the Experience".


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